7-8th: 8:05-8:20am
5-6th: 8:25-8:40am
Kinder/Primer: 10:25-10:45am
1st-2nd: 10:55-11:15am
3rd-4th: 11:25-11:45am
PreK: 11:55am-12:10pm

(Birthday prayers on Thursdays for all grade levels)

Chapel & Service Learning

Chapel and service learning

At Good Shepherd, we live by the five tenets that frame our Episcopal identity:

1. Common Prayer

2. Intellectual Discipline
3. Welcoming Community
4. Respect for Others
5. Compassionate Service

It takes an intentional focus on these tenets in all aspects of what we do. Chapel and ongoing service learning opportunities are two of the ways we bring these tenets to life for students.


Students attend chapel three times per week with their grade level. Once a month, second through eighth graders attend Eucharist together. Chapel studies follow the liturgy which is on a three year rotation. Every Wednesday, the Middle School celebrates the Eucharist in the church and once a month, second through fourth graders join them. Chapel is based off services in the Book of Common Prayer and uses an age-appropriate reading cycle that exposes children to Scripture. Chaplains relay Bible stories to students in a practical way and delve into real-life issues that will spill over into the classroom and home.

We know that if these conversations only happen during chapel, students have more difficulty making connections between what they learn in chapel and how they live their lives. So our chaplains regularly go into classrooms and explore the messages more deeply with smaller groups.