Be Creative, Routinely

What happens at the crossroads of creative expression, academic freedom and ample time? In a word, art, the way it’s done at Good Shepherd. We give generously to the arts here, with art and music classes alternating every day starting in first grade. Creativity is free to blossom and being creative becomes a habit without ever being mundane.

Inspiration, Meet Opportunity

Visual art class is held twice a week, every week of every year, at Good Shepherd. Lavishing so much time on the art curriculum gives our teachers the ability to teach art the right way--with the expectation that care will be taken in the process, a focus on craftsmanship, and enough time and freedom for our kids to fully realize their creative visions.

Theater and Other Teen Dramas

A year-long drama class for eighth graders produces two live events each year. The class is designed to build kids’ confidence and comfort with presenting themselves live and in person. The Musical Theatre Club for fifth through eighth graders meets on Thursday and Friday mornings before school and allows our kids to partake in Drama before the drama of the teenage years sets in. The Club also stages a musical each year.

The Orff Schulwerk Way

Orff Schulwerk is a process of teaching music, developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman, that has been around for over one hundred years. It’s beautiful in its simplicity. Based on things all children like to do—like clap, dance, sing, and keep a beat—music is made without constraint or convention. The Orff process is proven to make music relevant to kids in a personal way, which can fuel their creativity as they grow and develop as artists.

Freedom of Expression

Another bold freedom (for a school!)—no letter grades are assigned for any Lower School art or music classes, reflecting the department’s philosophy that developing artists’ creative expression should not be subject to assessment. So art is made free from any judgment.

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