Meet Fernando

“How was your day honey?” You ask your daughter innocently after school. She replies in Spanish, “I am not ‘honey’, I am Fernando, a Columbian mountain dweller and wheat farmer. You may call me Fernandito, but I prefer Fernando.” … And this is your introduction to the benefits of Spanish instruction every year, three times a week.

Cultural Appreciation

At school today, your daughter learned all about the culture and habits of Colombia, specifically focusing on the remote mountain villages. Earlier in the week she learned how to correctly introduce herself and state her occupation, and then the class was visited by a native Colombian who told fascinating stories of growing up there. They covered derivatives at the beginning of the year. She put it all together, and now she’s Fernando.

The Luxury of Tiempo

All these things can come together this way only because we give the time for it to happen here. With time kids can dig deeper, into cultural backgrounds and advanced sentence structures and real world stories. With time, our eighth graders become conversationally proficient and culturally knowledgeable.

Why Spanish? Why Eight Years?

Our Spanish curriculum is creative and ambitious and designed to go way beyond merely learning to speak the language. A summer immersion program is in the works for the older kids. Native speakers from up and down South America visit our classes and tell all about their language and their lives.

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